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A beautiful website fuelled by an equally beautiful app

WINK is in its’ essence a modelling and talent agency. WINK have a wide pool of talent to offer their customers complimented with an extremely professional level of service. As a result the agency continued growing at a rate faster than the company could internally manage. The approach was rolled out into two stages. A complete website overhaul, followed up with an application which pushes the management of data, photographs, time sheets and payroll rostering directly to the talent.


Responsive in app and out

The app was designed to compliment the professionalism of the WINK offerings. Both the website and the app itself are responsive and work across majority of devices. A seamless experience was maintained for both clients and talent when engaging with the brand.

Pushing responsibility to the employees, saving thousands of hours off of administration

The idea was to give WINKs talent a self management tool they would enjoy interacting with. It was a huge success. Upon rollout of the app, WINKs talent admin work plummeted. The talent enjoyed using the app, and empowered them to self promote with the latest photography. Responsibility was now shifted to the talent, it was now up to them to submit their hours, opt in for jobs, and keep payment information up to date. A fundamental change in the business for the better.

ProjectWINK Models Responsive Website + App Design
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