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A ride sharing tool that connects users with professional transport to awesome events.

Niftie uses a fleet of busses to transport punters from a designated pickup location to an event such as NRL matches or music venues. I had already designed managed and deployed the Niftie website. Our next challenge was to produce Niftie users a dedicated app in which they could use the service on the go.


Seamless integration between the Niftie website and App

As a minimum viable product, users could create accounts, purchase rides to events through the website. This account information dynamically pulls into our app, allowing users full view of their purchase history.

Dedicated section for driver

Users are not the only ones engaging with the app, drivers are also required to interact. We designed the drivers side to be as simple yet intuitive as possible.

Real time topical map information

Both drivers and users can keep track of both the pickup location as well as their own.

The proof is in the pudding

Niftie has just recently secured direct support and endorsement from the National Rugby League, and secured a $15,000 grant from the NSW Department of Transportation. A great business model paired with a great website and app producing results.

ExpertiseUI UX Design + Product Design

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