Product Design / Personal Startup


An integrable route optimisation system, flexible for your business or product, offering real-time visibility & live results 24/7.

GoLoop is a SAS route optimisation system that leverages mathematical algorithms and machine learning for the best in industry results. Wearing many hats within the organisation, I was in charge of developing and designing the visual identity, interfaces and user experience for the GoLoop platform and its various marketing materials.

Scanning of labels with one click of a button

The driver captures the address of each consignment digitally using the GoLoop driver app. Each consignment is scheduled in his or her “to do” list.

GoLoop produced an optimised route

Once all consignments have been captured, the driver enters his or her start and end location plus working hours.

GoLoop generates an efficient route taking into account all consignments and time restrictions.

A clear overview for the days delivery

The GoLoop driver app captures all the necessary details about every delivery, including time, GPS coordinates and ATLs. If something happens on the road that affects the timeline, GoLoop optimises in realtime to keep them on schedule.

Dispatch monitors performance in real time

The headquarters has visibility of where their drivers are, what they’ve delivered and when it happened. A live record of all consignments is available for all drivers. Any undelivered consignments are also visible.

Customer receives proof of delivery updates

The details record of every delivery means there is proof of what was delivered, when and by who. Allowing businesses to produce reports which they can share with their customers.

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