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Product Design


A startup within Google success story.

Create with Google shows creatives what’s possible across the Google Creative Canvas with tools, creative considerations and inspiration to help bring their creative ideas to life. ustwo (the agency I work for) was approached to bring the Create with Google product and brand to life. My role involved the majority of the visual design for the Create with Google website, YouTube Mockup Tool and Audience Connect products. The project was an in-depth dive into the world of Google’s Material Design, establishing unique Material Design Systems for the products and having the tick of approval from Matias Duarte, VP of Material Design at Google. Create with Google has been a massive success both for both ustwo and Google.


A website to aid and inspire creatives with Googles platforms.

Designing a website that targets creative professionals, was a daunting task. Create with Google ethos is to be simply helpful, offering useful tools, surfacing amazing work created for its’ various platforms to inspire, but never claiming to be, the authority on the subject. Our objective was to ensure the content featured on the website was celebrated as the hero, and the Create with Google brand itself was accommodating, but not intrusive.

A source of helpful information driving better content

We provided inspirational examples of creatives’ work, complemented with useful and detailed information regarding restraints for each of Googles’ various platforms. This armed creatives with the insights they needed to effectively leverage these restraints to the advantage.

Youtube Mockup Tool

See how your video will look as it appears on YouTube, in fullscreen, desktop, or mobile formats.

You’ve shot the ad, you’ve cut the edit. Before seeking final approval, see how your video will appear on the YouTube platform. You can then share this preview directly with team members, or download a version for your client presentation.

Audience Connect

Shift the presentation from broadcast to conversation

Audience Connect allows audience members to connect to a Google Slides presentation via their mobile phone. Allowing hosts to learn more about the people in the room, engage with interactive exercises, and invite questions or feedback. Turning passive listeners into active participants creating deeper connections, making content more memorable, and uncovering valuable audience insights.

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