Howdy, I'm Garett. I've had many labels throughout my career in the digital industry. It's safe to say that I enjoy crafting digital experiences. 

I am an Australian who is Canadian born and raised. The term 'Aucadian' is the manifestation of these two great countries that have shaped who I am and molded my career’s evolution, also, it sounds cool.

Fun facts
I used to be a sponsored 'aggressive inline skater' in my younger years. I have just recently picked it back up in the midst of a mid 30s crisis.
Tech & Gadgets

I watch YouTube reviews on most new gadgets, even if I'll never buy them. It's a sick addiction and my wife hates it!

35 YO Camper Vans

Although it's probably the most enjoyable vehicles to drive and own, it's a terrible idea to actually camp in... with two toddlers.

We do say 'eh'

Although I've been in Australia for 13 years, my Canadian accent is stubborn. I head back every few years for some Hockey, Snowboarding, and accent hardening.

Pictures are worth a thousand words. Here's my Instagram.

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