Digital Product Design.

Howdy, I’m Garett MacGillivray. A digital product designer with 15 years in the game creating delightful experiences for real people.

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I’ve managed and worked in a number of digital product agencies. My experiences have helped craft a robust toolkit, allowing me to tackle complex problems from multiple angles. My clients have ranged from small businesses, start-ups, not-for-profit, and tech giants. I deliver delightful experiences in the digital world.

Architecture & Hierarchy
Visual Design
Product Design
User Experience
Art Direction
People Management
Usability Testing
Garett MacGillivray


I am extremely passionate about solving real problems for real people and building great products with great teams. I want to improve people’s lives and leave a positive impact in my wake. I’m addicted to personal growth and this industry has me hooked. With an ever-changing landscape of hardware and software, I’ve found my calling amongst the constant change. Within this industry and my role, you can either keep up or get left behind. I believe that’s why I love this work so much, the continuous pressure to innovate, evolve and grow. I’m blessed that my job brings such satisfaction and happiness.

I am an Australian who is Canadian born and raised. Aucadian is the manifestation of these two great countries that have shaped who I am and moulded my career’s evolution.

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