Metro Trains

UI Design + User Experience


A mathematician & scenario builder in the palm of your hands

When you’re a billion dollar industry like Metro Rail you need a tool to accurately optimise your yearly budgets. I was contracted by Heugin Consulting to convert this extremely complex application into an intuitive interface anyone within the company could use.


Trial and error through low fidelity prototyping

Through trial and tribulation wireframes where hatched, prototyped, tossed in the bin, and reworked until we had it right.

A densely complex application on the inside yet intuitive and simplistic from the outside

Special attention was given to every possible scenario, non essential information was hidden or culled, beautiful buttons and iconography replaced boring text and granted the user full leverage of the programs capabilities on one small touch based screen.

Project Metro Trains – Scenario Interface
Client Heugin Consulting / Metro Trains
Expertise UI Design + User Experience