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Justice reinvestment offers a positive alternative.

Justice reinvestment is a data-driven approach to improve public safety, reduce corrections and related criminal justice spending, and reinvest savings in strategies that can reduce crime and strengthen communities.

The approach was not only redesign and redevelop their ageing website, but to develop a calculation tool which would give concerned citizens easy access to statistics on Local Government Areas. The goal of the Just Reinvest NSW Calculator is to arm citizens and Government Officials with information and prompt them to embrace the Justice reinvestment method of change, or at the very least, donate to the cause.


Just Reinvest NSW is a not for profit organisation that relies on Government subsidies, volunteers and donations. Aside from the importance of education, securing donations and recruiting volunteers was the most important function of the website.

Inform, educate, prompt action – the “JR Calculator”

I was given thousands of rows of data and the duty of making it so visually compelling that users would be encouraged to interact with and share it. My approach was to have a colour coded topical map with each LGA (Local Government Area) visually distinguishable by their borders, and its Incarceration rate per population represented by a colour overlay and supporting legend. Each LGA can be clicked on and data is loaded in page for a seamless experience. This data can then be exported using the PDF or Excel export function or shared across various social media platforms to help raise awareness. This makes the Just Reinvest NSW Calculator an extremely powerful tool for Government Officials and activists alike.

A clear intuitive visual overview of New South Wales Local Government Areas incarceration rates.

Utilising Google Maps open API, we gave users a complete view of the entire state and every LGA.

Complex data, easy to digest

The way the data is presented to the user needed to be informative, and easy to digest. A lot of time was invested into remodeling columns and rows of data into the visually satisfying statistics of each LGA.

Project Just Reinvest NSW Interactive Website
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Client Just Reinvest NSW
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