HR Assured
Sales Tool

UI UX Design + Product Design


A portable sales tool

HR Assured desired a portable sales tool which they could use to impress and guide prospects through their service offerings and convert into clients. This interactive tool would grant the Sales team the ability jump into the presentation at any point based upon the prospect’s topic of interest, or HR pain point. From any jump off point the app then takes the prospect on a journey through the service offerings. I was responsible for designing the user experience as well as the interface and the presentation tool was designed/developed for the sales teams iPad fleet.


Conversion is key

Once the prospect is taken on a journey through the service offering they can conveniently sign up on the spot through the application. This application is tied into HR Assureds XERO API allowing a seamless handover of client account information.

Project HR Assured Digital Sales Tool
Client HR Assured
Expertise UI Design + User Experience + Product Design