FCB Group

Responsive "Smart" Website


A brilliant company in need of a digital facelift

FCB Group needed a complete overhaul of their online presence. My role? I wore pretty much every hat in this project from digital hierarchy, strategy, user experience design, digital design, and development all the way through to training and support. The benefits of being an agency manager in a small agency is managing all aspects of a project hands-on.


Simplifying an array of services

FCB Groups’ original website lacked warmth, it also lacked a clear explanation of who they were and what they had on offer. I scrutinised the business model and worked with the client to break down their approach and target clientele. The results speak for themselves.

You’re point of contact is a click away

The old FCB Group website lacked humanity. On this site we wanted to put a face to the service. We did this by assigning contacts to each service offering, so when users make that click or call, they are put in touch with the actual expert they require.

Cross content promotion is king

We didn’t want to just force-feed users static content, we wanted related content to complement and reinforce the company’s expertise. We set up a tagging structure site wide which dynamically pulls individual experts, case studies, news articles and events into very specific pages. We not only encourage lead generation through out the user’s browser experience, but offer them helpful information. FCB is a true thought leader in their field and the website promotes this.

Project FCB Responsive “Smart” Website
Client FCB Group
Website fcbgroup.com.au
Expertise UI UX Design + Web Design + User Experience

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