I’ve worked in a number of large agencies. I’ve also managed a digital agency myself. My skill set allows me to offer a wide variety of services for your start-up, agency or business.

I work with agencies who need to reel in an expert on an as needed basis, and also for businesses or companies who need to contract an array of digital related UI / UX work. I can jump in at any phase of a project, from digital architecture, wire-framing, prototyping, and high fidelity artwork. I also deal directly with internal development teams to produce the desired outcome. I am the solution to your complex problem.

UI & Web Design
Product Design
User Experience
Art Direction
Usability Testing
Garett MacGillivray - UI Expert

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I’ve worked with small and large agencies. I’ve been the junior designer, mid-weight, senior, art director, project manager, agency manager, and UI expert. My name is Garett MacGillivray; I have over 15 years of experience in this game and this is my life.

I am an Australian who is Canadian born and raised. Aucadian is the manifestation of these two great countries that have shaped who I am and moulded my career’s evolution.

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